• LPG Propane Sequential Injection and Aspiration

      Converting your vehicle to burn liquid Propane has economic and environmental advantages. When using LPG as a motor fuel, you eliminate 90% of Carbon Monoxide emissions, as well as many other harmful pollutants.  LPG Propane in most cases is over half the price, so most of our customers save around 50% on their fuel budget. Propane filling stations are readily available in most areas in the US.  Afuel customers can go state to state, refilling at stations located at many points on their trip.


      Our LPG Propane Sequential Injection systems are installed on to the existing vehicle's motor.  It turns the vehicle in to a "dual fuel" system. The vehicle starts on gasoline, then once it reaches temperature, it automatically switches to Propane via the new on board computer. The system will stay in Propane mode for the rest of the trip, and if shut down, will start back in Propane since it is at the right temperature.  Switching fuels is automatic, but there is also a manual switch that includes a Propane fuel gauge.


     Propane Fuel Guage and Switch

      Although refill nozzles are not required, some newer trucks have larger fuel doors with an area to mount the Propane refill valve. Otherwise, there are many other locations for the refill valve to make it easier to fill the tank.  The extra refill valve is optional, since in most cases there is already one on your tank.


     Propane Refill Nozzle
     Propane Refill Nozzle

       Our LPG Propane Sequential Injection kits not only switch back and forth from Gasoline to Propane smoothly, they also appear seamless to the stock setup. The computer integrates with the existing on board diagnostics (OBD), giving the Afuel computer live engine parameters and sensor readings. All of the safety features and sensors make this system one of the best Alternative Fuel options.

    LPG Propane Injectors

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